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I am stay at home mom with two kids on the autism spectrum. I love to scrapbook and have been doing it for well over 15 years. I am enjoying designing my own cutting files now that I own a KNK.

Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Back!

I've been gone so long I don't remember what day it is! Things have been pretty crazy around here and I am embarrassed that I have let my blog go so long. Sorry! I have a few new designs in the store and I have been playing with a few more. I am trying to do a few more 3-D items. I have gotten into quilling and I am having a blast. I hope to put my first video up here soon. I want to show everyone how easy it is to quill.

Hope you have all been good and happy crafting!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gone again???

So sorry that I have fallen off the earth again. Things here got rather difficult with Rachel and myself so we are pleased to say we are back on track again. I have been busy designing in the last few weeks. Here is the link to my very first Grag Bag with VDBC!

I am excited to let you know I will also be in the Grab Bag for December too! So be sure to check that out even with your busy schedules.

I also have been learning to etch glass. This is really fun and very easy. Here is a picture of my latest project:

I should be in better contact now. Don't forget to sign up for the VDBC newsletter. The upcoming one is featuring lots of projects/gifts that you can make with your cutters. It will be a great help for all those holiday gifts you need to create.

Remember your life in pictures, scrapbook!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Where have I been???

Sorry for the silence. Rachel and I both had the flu. This was so unfun and will take this moment to remind all of you to get your flu shots now.

I have been given a new moniker as a mother of an autistic child. Some of us are now known as "warrior moms" for our unwavioring strength to move our children in the forward direction. Well, it has never been more true as when I am now working with Rachel's therapists to teach her how to cook! We don't eat anything from a can, box, or premade bag, so all cooking is done with fresh foods. This means that Rachel is learning to finely chop veggies like onions, or work with raw meat/fish. You wouldn't think this would be so hard, but each movement is done mostly "hand over hand" meaning my hand is on top of hers at all times. Dinner now takes an hour and a half to prepare. By the end of it, I am nearly too tired to eat! It will get better, as all things do with her, but I just hope I live to tell the tail! Here is a picture of Rachel with on of her dinners: New potatoes with herbs, garlic and oninions, rock fish with a ginger lime butter sauce, fresh green beans and a fresh mozzerlla salad with tomatoes from our garden. She may not look like she is smiling, but that is her "picture taking face" which I would LOVE to change!

Based on all of this, my designing as been left to the back burner. I will get back to business soon as my world gets less crazy. Until then, the ideas are just building up in my head!

Remember your life in pictures; scrapbook!
See my new designs at VDBC website here:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a weekend!

We had a wild weekend spending a lot of time together as a family. On Friday we celebrated the beginning of the holiday weekend by going out to dinner at Roy's one of Rachel's favorite restaurants. We visited the Pasadena location this time and it was nice, but no better than several of the other locations we have visited.

On Saturday we spent the day at the beach. It was a great day, but believe it or not, rather chilly! It was 105 at our house and I wore a sweatshirt the entire time a the beach. Rachel braved the water as usual. We have not had much of any beach weather this year.

On Sunday, as you can see from above we spent a LONG day at the LA County Fair. Rachel loves the rides and we will be back again before it closes. We really like going and enjoy looking at the animals, farming exhibits, and the crafts. Not to mentions the food, seeing as we gave in this year and visited the "fry king" to try a deep fried PB&J. It was pretty good too!

Monday we fell over and rested. I haven't worked on a file all weekend, so I better get hopping if I want to have new things up in the next newsletter. I want to thank everyone for all their purchases this weekend. I am thrilled that you are giving me a try!

Remember your life in pictures. Scrapbook!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Wow! What a week. I opened the freezer and was greeted with a big splash of water. It didn't get any better so we will have a lovely new refrig next week. Thank goodness, since it is 113 here, that we have an extra one out in the garage.

We will spend the weekend together doing family stuff around here, so it will be a relaxing weekend.

I have all my files loaded and I am working on several new ones. I should have some of them up in the store next week if all goes well.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your families!
Remember your life in pictures. Scrapbook!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wow! What a busy weekend. I finally have all my 13 new files loaded into the store. That is a big relief as the newsletter comes out tomorrow. I have a surprise for all of you in the newsletter too! Check back tomorrow to see what it is.

I also have a funny story to share about my daughter Rachel. As many of you know she is pretty autistic and doesn't talk much. Well, this Saturday we had let her know it was about time to get up. Then, oddly, my cell phone rang a little bit later with her ring tone. I wondered if she had left her phone at the social activity she had attended the night before so I picked it up and low and behold it was Rachel on the phone! She was calling from her bedroom to see if she could stay in bed a little longer!!!! My husband and I about busted a gut laughing after we got over the shock of Rachel calling us on the phone at all. Wonders never cease!

Remember your life in pictures. Scrapbook!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wow! This week has been a bit harry for me. I updated my KNK softwear and ran into a few problems so I updated my computer to Windows 7. Tomorrow I get to try them all together. I sure hope everything works! I have been very busy designing for Halloween and fall. I can't wait for you to see what I have been up to the last few days. My creative team has been busy helping me out and I should be up and in store in the next few days. I can't wait!!!!

Tell your life in pictures. Scrapbook!
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